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A q-ring (also called a cu-ring) is a commutative ring with unityASN:[1]


Some authors (a considerable number) consider a ring to be what we would call a ring-with-unity, this is because almost all the rings they cover have unity, so it makes sense, "Let [ilmath]R[/ilmath] be a ring" is shorter than "Let [ilmath]R[/ilmath] be a ring with unity" over and over again.

To get the best of both, I decided to use "u-ring", "c-ring" (for a commutative ring) and "cu-ring" for a "commutative ring with unity", which only adds 2 or 3 more characters to "ring".

A cu-ring can be said "see-you-ring" or "cue-ring" (phonetically: "queue-ring"), this may be written "q-ring"

As always, letters like this will be alphabetical, it isn't "uc-ring".

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  1. ASN: Alec's Standard Notation