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AKA: Dual vectors, Linear forms, Linear functionals.

More details can be found: at Dual space


Covectors are the name of elements in the dual space of a vector space[1], that is given a vector space [ilmath](V,F)[/ilmath], and its dual space, [ilmath]V^*[/ilmath] we say:

  • [math]f^*\in V^*[/math] if [ilmath]f^*:V\rightarrow F[/ilmath] and [ilmath]f^*[/ilmath] is linear, recall linear means that:
    • [math]\forall x,y\in V\ \forall\alpha,\beta\in F[f^*(\alpha x+\beta y)=\alpha f^*(x)+\beta f^*(y)][/math]

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  1. Liner Algebra via Exterior Products - Sergei Winitzki