Binary multiplexor

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A binary multiplexor is a circuit that us used to select from possibly many inputs based on what value it is given, the simplest "mux" is a 2:1 which takes 2 data inputs and 1 selector inputs. It'll output the 1st data input if that selector value is 0, if the selector value is 1 then the second input is forwarded.

A demultiplexor or "demux" does the reverse, this takes 1 input line (the output from the mux) and will put it on one of two outputs depending on a selector.

Truth table

If we allow variables into truth tables we can give the multiplexor a simple table; where A and B are the input lines, S the selector, and C the output:

[ilmath]x[/ilmath] [ilmath]y[/ilmath] 0 [ilmath]x[/ilmath]
[ilmath]x[/ilmath] [ilmath]y[/ilmath] 1 [ilmath]y[/ilmath]