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Adding suits


  1. Template data:Macro and
  2. Template data:Macro suit


This page was copied and pasted from Template:Macro (including the template workings) then changed slightly to fit. Alec (talk) 15:01, 1 February 2018 (UTC)


Before this template there was just Template:ProbMacro because a nicely formatted probability statement was hard, up until then I'd resisted using macros, however then came Template:ProbMacros which adds \E and \Mdm.

Rather than clutter the template namespace with macros plural and not all over the place I have decided to use:

  • Macro: a small collection of 1 (possibly, but rarely more) macros, where prob will introduce only \P and \Pcond, and mod will introduce only \mod (modulo operation)
    • I may extend this to use a second argument to communicate with the defining page (a sub-page of Template data:Macro/List), for example to request only \Pcond from the prob group
  • Macro suit: this is a collection ("suit") of individual macros (defined on the previous bullet point) which are commonly needed together, for example a prob-suit could introduce the prob macros and macros for expected value (\E), variance (\Var), Mdm (\Mdm) and so forth


Test page: