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Project overview

Over the last year a lot has changed, rather than just becoming a hub for definitions this site has become a reference and contains theorems too. The [[Mission statement] has changed, now I intend for the project to be a useful index of various subjects, projects and areas of maths, physics and computer science (I'm not sure where the line will be drawn).

In light of this a need for a uniform approach to different subjects is needed, that is subjects need to be consistently browsable. The user that spends a lot of time in the Topology (subject) part of the wiki must not get lost when heading into Abstract Algebra (subject) say.

Also take the subject of abstract algebra, this has two huge subsubjects (?) if you will, Group Theory (subject) and Ring Theory (subject). It also arguably has Linear Algebra (subject) too (via vector spaces which is obviously a branch of abstract algebra) in fact, any set coupled with some functions that have a property for all elements on that set, really falls under abstract algebra.

With this in mind. the goals are as follows:


  1. To create a Site:Mathematical subject index - an alphabetical listing of subjects, with any "subsubjects" listed too, for example:
    (Notice the linear algebra is listed twice)
    • Each page will end in (subject) and be in the Category:Subjects and in the Category:Mathematical subjects
    • Each page will be an overview of the subject targeted at the uniformed reader. So introduce the topics in a logical order with things further into the page depending on those previously declared.
  2. To create a "Fundamental" category, this contains things like functions, the real numbers, modulus, stuff that any mathematician ought to know before exploring any particular areas.
  3. To create a good bunch of First-year friendly pages in each subject for things commonly touched upon in first year courses
  4. To come up with a project that uses intermediate definitions (for example, continuity as on the usual metric on [ilmath]\mathbb{R} [/ilmath] - as encountered in first year. Maybe split pages into a "hard" and "easy" version - this requires thought.
  5. To add navboxes to subjects, and "subsubjects"
  6. To add Category:Infoboxes to core definitions of a subject

Project pages

All pages are in the Category:Subject refactoring project.
Note: concept pages are calls for ideas and not actually projects that are underway.