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This template is intended to make categorising of definitions easier. At time of writing it supports up to 6 arguments. That is you can categorise something as a definition belonging to 6 8 subjects.


  • 6 increased to 8 subjects - the disambiguation list for trivial was too long Alec (talk) 13:27, 16 February 2017 (UTC)

Using the template

To use simply type:

  • {{Definition|[ilmath]\text{Cat}_1[/ilmath]|[ilmath]\text{Cat}_2[/ilmath]|[ilmath]\ldots[/ilmath]|[ilmath]\text{Cat}_n[/ilmath]}}

This will automatically categorise the page in [ilmath]\text{Cat}_i[/ilmath] and the definitions category for [ilmath]\text{Cat}_i[/ilmath]