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Refactoring is the name given to the process of "moving things about" within a page. I used it because of the parallels between refactoring code (in programming) and refactoring pages (when moving the contents about, re-writing chunks, changing the format from lists to tables, so forth)


A page will be marked as either dire or bad, when these undergo an update all the old content is put under the level 1 heading old page and a "refactor notice" is put at the top of the page. Work may then begin on refactoring. Pages ought to be given a grade (a priority of sorts) as to how vital their refactoring is. This is a function of both the need for the page (Is it important? Will a lot of things build off of this page's content?) and the urgency for refactoring (Is it in dire need? Is the current version acceptable?)

Grade A is the highest priority.

Once a page has been refactored it will be marked as pending final review, it will then be reviewed at a later date and if it is now "refactored" the notice will be removed and the old page content removed also.


Grade Meaning
A Refactoring is urgently required as this page is either (or both) extremely important in a lot of places (like topological space or equivalence relation - fundamental to mathematics or a branch) or is somewhat important, used in a lot of places and quite a bad page.
B These pages need to be at least of "stub-quality", their quality is less than stellar but their importance comes from the need to have some notion of the page (for example, infimum - a reader does not need this page, but some content should be provided), or they are important but only to a branch (and do not really extend beyond their branch) for example: divisor - found in number theory
C These pages are important in their branch and the current page isn't lacking, it just isn't well presented.
Z These pages are being refactored but it is by no means urgent, this could be because the quality is sufficient and there's little to be done, or because they're of low importance and more information on that page is a low priority itself.