Characteristic property of the tensor product/Statement

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[ilmath]\xymatrix{ V_1\times\cdots\times V_k \ar@2{->}[rr]^-A \ar@2{->}[d]_p & & W \\ V_1\otimes\cdots\otimes V_k \ar@{.>}[urr]_-{\overline{A} } }[/ilmath]
Diagram of the situation, the double-arrows is multilinear, the other is linear
Let [ilmath]\mathbb{F} [/ilmath] be a field and let [ilmath]\big((V_i,\mathbb{F})\big)_{i\eq 1}^k[/ilmath] be a family of finite dimensional vector spaces over [ilmath]\mathbb{F} [/ilmath]. Let [ilmath](W,\mathbb{F})[/ilmath] be another vector space over [ilmath]\mathbb{F} [/ilmath]. Then[1]:
  • If [ilmath]A:V_1\times\cdots\times V_k\rightarrow W[/ilmath] is any multilinear map
    • there exists a unique linear map, [ilmath]\overline{A}:V_1\otimes\cdots\otimes V_k\rightarrow X[/ilmath] such that:
      • [ilmath]\overline{A}\circ p\eq A[/ilmath] (that is: the diagram on the right commutes)

Where [ilmath]p:V_1\times\cdots\times V_k\rightarrow V_1\otimes\cdots\otimes V_k[/ilmath] by [ilmath]p:(v_1,\ldots,v_k)\mapsto v_1\otimes\cdots\otimes v_k[/ilmath] (and is [ilmath]p[/ilmath] is multilinear)


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